How to Travel First Class in an Economy Class Flight


It's boarding time, and you are ready to finally get to your seat, but first you pass by the first or business class sections. You can't help but imagine yourself sitting in one of those comfortable chairs and having all the amenities that they do. While we can't turn economy into first class, we can give you tips on how to enjoy economy with as much comfort as first class:


  • Choose the rear end seats

Most travelers reserve front seats to get off the plane earlier. Unless you pay for extra leg room, try booking seats way in the back to have a better chance of having an empty seat next to you. Having empty seats allow you to spread your legs, lay down and have a comfortable long sleep. 



  • Grab an inflatable pillow

Inflatable pillows are compact and easy to store and carry than the bulky ones. Use it to rest your head or place behind your lower back for a comfortable position.



  • Rest your feet

Nothing is more comforting than resting your legs on a hanging footrest. Stretch your legs or simply place your feet on the footrest and enjoy the flight. Portable footrests are easy to fold and place in carry on.


  • Grab your own blanket

Flights tend to get cold inside after departure. Don't expect flights to carry free blankets for all economy class travelers. Why not bring your own wearable blanket for a cozy long flight. There are many light carry on size blankets that cover your entire body yet easily fold in a carry on bag. 



  • Wear an eye mask and earplugs

Your body sleeps best when its dark and quiet. Wearing an eye mask can put you into a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Eye masks come in a variety of styles such as the panda eye mask for adding some fun to the deep sleep.



  • Stay cool

Most flights have warm temperatures inside before take off, but you can use a mini portable fan to cool yourself before departure. 


With all these convenient accessories, you are set to have a comfortable long journey to your final destination where you can enjoy the rest of the days with a relaxed state of mind.